Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Is he coming out?

This was my view of the Getty House last night as we waited for the Mayor to come out and address the media. I want you to get the full effect of what it was like, so I'll come back later and finish this post.

Okay, okay, I can tell I'm not fooling anyone. The truth is, I've got a ton of errands to run. I will come back later and actually post something about the Mayor's address. It just may not be until later tonight.

Now, of course if you really want to get that News Photographer experience, keep checking for the Mayor.

He's got to come out of there eventually.

We actually didn't have long to wait for this one. It's not like a perp walk or a celebrity who may try to avoid the news media by using a back exit after a court appearance (Hello, Winona Ryder! Where do you think you're going?).


Start rolling as soon as the door opens. Someone on his staff may have given a subtle signal (HEY, HE'S READY TO COME OUT!) or we just take our chances and roll on the door every time it opens. Well, tape is cheap and we can always cue it back to the top.

The Mayor spoke and I handed the tape over to the photog who was working with the reporter. No pain and misery and that was the most excitement I'd had all day.

The main thing I'm going to remember from this day is that I notice the Mayor's residence is only a block away from the route I take to work. I've lived in the Los Angeles area all my life and never knew exactly where the Getty House was located.

There's a lot of history there and I think I may have to look into it a bit. After all, I do have two blogs to feed.

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