Thursday, February 23, 2006

Like father, like daughter('s assistant?)

I got a surprise from my older daughter this week. She emailed me pictures of the media activity near where she works in Boston.

Photo by Marie MacIsaac

She had her assistant lean out the window of the car and snap these shots of the truck farm that's growing in the courthouse area. I can almost smell the exaust fumes and hear the roar of the generators. I'm told that the court proceedings of Neil Entwhistle is the reason for the media circus.

I love the photos, but then who wouldn't? Come on, doesn't everybody love the circus?

Photo by Marie MacIsaac

You know I have a passion for taking pictures. There's something about capturing little moments of everyday life that appeals to me. I always look at shots like these and I treasure them. Not only for what they are now, but for what they'll become over time.

I admit to "pushing" my kids towards photography and it just does my heart good to see one of them following in my footsteps.

Photo by Marie MacIsaac

Yeah, Dania's not taking pictures. She's pushing someone else to take pictures and gosh darn, that's just like her dear old dad. Heck, just between us, let's just hope the labor board finds it as touching as I do.

Thank you, Marie. The pictures will help keep a smile on my face even as I'm quietly freaking out over the concept of my daughter having an assistant.

It's okay. Freaking out? Yeah, I've gotten used to it at this point.


Ruby in Paradise said...

How delightful, for you! Number one rule in parenting: Never stop pushing the kids around, even if they do have an assistant! heehee

beFrank said...

TW - Do I get to push the assistant around too?

Michelle said...

Awwww, following in dad's footsteps!!