Thursday, March 09, 2006

On your mark!

Maybe I shouldn't laugh, but it's funny to me when people ask where I find the time to blog. Pardon me, find the time?

I bet I'm not the only blogger who knows the truth. We don't find the time so much as totally neglect other stuff we should be doing.

You all should be proud of me. I've set a goal for today. I'm only going to take five minutes to post about my Wednesday assignment.

I covered the speech by Chief Justice John G. Roberts out at the Reagan Library yesterday.

I can't give much of an opinion on him since I was on a camera platform at the back of the room. He never got any closer than maybe twenty-five or thirty yards to where I was situated.

From that far away, everyone seems nice.

His speech had a lot of humor in it and I appreciated that. It kept me from falling asleep. I was a little bored and wasn't exactly working my hardest anyway. I had a new per diem photog trainee to keep an eye on.

He was sharp and had it all covered. That made my job simpler and it was a lot easier to snap a few stills. Kind of makes me wish I had a trainee with me all the time.

Okay, I got thirty seconds. Uh, um. . .Nancy Reagan was there too.


Yeah, I can tell this speed blogging thing isn't going to go over real well.

Sorry, I gotta go do some stuff.


Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Amen on leaving important stuff for laster to blog. My wife calls the blog the other woman. I got some good shots of Laura Bush in Charlotte on my blog. Keep up the good work.

LeighAnn said...

That is so true!