Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Please, pass the poi

It's my last few days before vacation and I'm pressed for time. Over the next couple of days, I bet I have all of five minutes to pack. Plus, I'm still undecided how much of my wired life I'm taking with me.

The new Blackberry and the still camera gear is going. That means the laptop will have to make the trip and since the laptop is going, you can bet I'll be posting from Hawaii.

Maybe Dellis will let me pack a few clothes in her luggage.

Ha-ha, we know that ain't gonna happen. I'll have to worry about it later. For now, let me just get to my day at "the office" yesterday. The big news me was all about our "Governator" holding a huge fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Yup, that's my van parked on the sidewalk. Love doing it, but don't ask me how we get away with it. It's always been done like that and nobody in Beverly Hills (or most of Los Angeles) complains.

We can't pull that crap in Santa Monica though. I think maybe they're still mad at us about the media circus from the OJ civil trial. The only parking tickets I've ever gotten have been in Santa Monica and generally we have to pay for parking tickets ourselves.

We hung out with the folks protesting and their staging point was a small meeting room inside the hotel. I wish I could have taken more pictures of the protestors in action, but I couldn't risk trying to handle both cameras when there was a risk we might have been getting arrested.

See, the protestors were intending to crash the fundraiser and a confrontation was bound to happen. Just one of the few times when I absolutely needed to travel light.

My pocket camera is out for repair and the new Blackberry doesn't have a camera built in.

The hotel security and the Beverly Hills cops (ha-ha, sorry) held their line and the protestors argued their point for a couple of minutes, then complied with the request that they leave. By the way, I had to shoot and walk backwards through almost the entire length of the hotel.

I was working with Dave Bryan and he did a great job of backing me up and making sure I didn't trip as the whole mob moved through the lobby.

I forgot to mention, the protestors also provided food before their little demonstration. I dined on coconut crusted shrimp and curried chicken. The spinach pastry puffs were a bit too "froo-froo" for my tastes.

I guess I shouldn't complain though, on Friday I had a microwave burrito and a chilidog from a gas station for lunch.

Eew, I'm getting sick just remembering it.

It started raining while we were inside the hotel. One edited package and one liveshot later, I was on my way home in the rain. Nobody died and I got home at a decent hour. Cool, not a bad day.

I hope to make it to Hawaii with a couple more days like that.

Let's just hope I didn't jinx it. The last thing I need is an out of town trip or some major news story popping up out of the blue. If you know anyone about to do something insane, try to talk them into waiting until I get back from vacation.

I'd really hate to miss anything and I might be getting a little spoiled.

Heck, you never know when there might be more coconut crusted shrimp involved.


Ruby in Paradise said...

When I try to comment in your "haloscan" it always comes up with "no comment id". What does that mean? Anyway, have fun and much ALOHA to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love parking on sidewalks. On the east coast, i'm glad it works for radio too.