Friday, March 24, 2006

Trouble in paradise?

We must have angered the tire gods. Everything was set for a day of exploration and we were about to hop in the rental ride, but it wasn't going to happen.

Long story short, I chnged the flat, but the car had to go back to the rental company. Not a good idea to bop around the island without a spare.


This story would have ended right there, but the replacement SUV seemed to have a problem with the power sun roof. It wouldn't close and did I mention it's been raining a lot. Yeah, we had to return it also.

Third time's a charm, but instead of heading for the beach, I'm heading for the ABC store for a six pack. After that I'm spending a couple of hours sipping beer and feeding the doves on the balcony.

A lot of work and I ended up exactly where I wanted to be.


Ruby in Paradise said...

:) Wow ! Thanks for the updates...makes me feel like I am on vacation with you...heehee. Sorry about the car. that must have been so frustrating. Have fun and beSafe.

beFrank said...

ruby in paradise - The car wasn't too bad. Their customer service could have made the experience easier. I had to pour on extra charm and wit to break down a few walls of indifference. It seemed like they expected me to come in and raise a stink. They came around from the "dark side" and were a lot friendlier by the time we left. My mood took a dip from the experience, but you can't sink me when I don't want to be sunk.