Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I should figure out where I'm going to walk.

I've got a week of vacation coming up and I'm planning to do everything that I don't get to do when I'm working. That mostly consists of a lot of goofing off and avoiding complicated scheduled activities. You know, like breakfast.

(Whew! I'm stressing out just thinking about it.)

Over the weekend, I took care of one thing to prepare for my week off. I worked an overtime day on Sunday. That should cover my "walking around money" for the week.

Not a bad day. I covered operating the satellite truck in Palm Springs for the President's visit. When I took the assignment, I thought it was going to be an easy day. It never really sunk in that it was a 7:30am start on a Sunday morning.

Helloooo! Easy?

Shucks, not after my adventures in the art world on Saturday and not after hanging out with "asantana" and her husband Ali after that.

Gee, dragging myself into work after a "social" Saturday night? It just makes me all nostalgic for when I used to work weekends on a regular basis.

Yeah, good times.

It's kind of funny. While in Palm Springs, I never saw the President. Not even a glimpse of the Presidential motorcade. By the way, lunch was chips and sodas and I barely left the truck for most of the morning and afternoon. Nothing unusual happened and that made for a long day.

We did three satellite liveshots and I recorded some video that was sent out from the Presidential pool feeds. I'm not complaining. Nothing really happened and we packed up after the last liveshot and drove home. I clocked almost 16 hours. It's not a fortune, just a little "walking around money".

Honest, how many of you couldn't resist making the cash register sound?