Friday, April 21, 2006

You can talk to me though.

We were doing liveshots yesterday at the Inglewood Police Department. The mother of the baby found dead on the steps of a local church had turned herself in.

I had another trainee with me and we were there to follow the story.

The mother was being held on unrelated warrants. We spent a lot of time just hanging around the station parking lot. Just in case if she were released or if the father of the child might show up.

While we were hanging around, I thought about the people who read my blog. I wondered if they know anything about Inglewood at all. I can see where they might have this preconceived idea that it's an urban (okay, minority) environment. That might be true, but it's really just like any other city.

I think the image of Inglewood might have been tarnished over the years by movies, television, and even music that depict negative aspects of the city.

So when I saw the half dozen cop cars speeding out of the station with lights and sirens going, I didn't think much of it.

Every city has crime. It doesn't mean that it's not a relatively safe place to live.

It was a slow afternoon. I found out they were all headed to another officer involved shooting. We called our assignment desk and they told us to go look into it.

Sure. No problem.

It only freaked me out a little when I got the address.

Crap! Hey, that's my neighborhood!

Well, it actually turned out to be the Inglewood neighborhood West of Crenshaw. I'm in the City of Hawthorne to the East.

Still, maybe only a quarter mile from my house.

To be honest, I like it a lot better when I have to drive to where the news is. It's not nearly as much fun when it comes to visit in my own neighborhood.

This was a rare opportunity. I could have interviewed my wife to get her reaction. The thing is, I know she won't talk to the media (we've had this discussion).

Maybe I can get her to say something off the record.

I'm going to go wake her up.

Hmm, on second thought, I'm going to go find some gang members to interview. That's probably the safer thing.


Angry in L.A. said...

I went to highschool in Lawndale...kinda fell in love with the South Bay. But never new if Inglewood was considered part of the South Bay. Gardena, Torrance, Redondo, Hawthonre...but not sure if they claim Inglewood.

beFrank said...

It feels like the Southern part is all South Bay, but the Northern part kind of falls into this whole West LA vibe.

Thanks for dropping in.