Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The bear and the rabbit.

Not only am I back at work, but on my first day back I got assigned to the "Crash Team" for the day. That's the nickname somebody has given to the early afternoon reporter and photographer.

I like it.

Most days recently have leaned more towards dull for way longer than makes me comfortable. Coming back after vacation yesterday, I couldn't have been happier to get the assignment. The "Crash Team" is all about the breaking news.

Five minutes after my shift started, we had a breaker. Yay!

It seems a bear (not the one pictured) had wandered down from the Tehachapi Mountain area. Nobody knows why, but it was wandering around the desert brush in an unincorporated area just outside the City of Lancaster.

I don't know if it was carrying an unpublished manuscript, but that was my thought when I was told about the assignment.

We hit the road.

Sure, there was absolutely no chance of getting there before the bear was captured, but a news stringer was in the area. He had some great footage of the animal control authorities chasing the bear.

We got a copy of the tape and started doing liveshots at 4:00pm. Our last liveshot ended after the top of the 10:00pm newscast.

We packed it in and hauled ourselves back to Hollywood.

It was a good first day back.

I wish I could have shot some footage of the bear (he really reminded me of the bear from the Kotzwinkle novel), but it was good just to actually be back in the game.

No telling what today is going to have for me. heck, it only matters a little.

For all my impatience, I'm still reasonably aware of the fact that we have news to cover every single day. What I get assigned is often just the luck of the draw. So, I'm just happy doing what I do and pretty thankful that I'm a very lucky man.

You know, not everybody can say that. They also can't say they saw a bunny yesterday while at work.

I did.

Now, I'm gonna go count my blessings. Hey, happy Tuesday.

"The Bear Went Over the Mountain" is a favorite book of mine. Funny and quirky stuff and I recommend it. I don't know if everyone will like it, but it tickled my funnybone.


Buzz said...

You know Mr. Frank, they're not just rabbits, they're BUNNY MUSES and tehy inspire writers.

beFrank said...

buzz - and they taste yummy.

Anonymous said...

I think that what you do is very admirable and that someday I can be a reporter even tough I'm only in high school at the age of 14 in a little town.