Friday, May 26, 2006

I should have stayed in Vegas.

I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not.

I understand the luck of the draw and that's the only reason I was up on Mulholland Drive yesterday instead of attending the big ratings win celebration being thrown back at the office.

Darleene of Darleeneisms has posted some party details (oh, my).

This is what I was doing while my co-workers were sipping champagne. I was being denied entrance to a gated community where I was trying to get ground shots on a story.

Behind the iron gates of this private community, a woman (probably a resident) crawled into a ventilation duct at the site of a new home construction. Nobody was willing to give us any particulars as to the woman's identity or her motivation.

Security guards asked nicely that we leave the area (yeah, right), but we were happy to park off the property and wait for the Fire Department's PIO to come out and give us a brief statement.

If they really knew the woman's identity, they weren't releasing it, but they claimed it wasn't anyone famous.

That was all I did yesterday and I don't think anyone followed up on the story. That means we may never find out who she is and why she crawled into the duct. Hmm, maybe she'll turn out to be half of a Hollywood power couple.

Feel free to speculate.

I was told homes in that community run about (cha-ching!) $30 million and up. You know, I keep hearing money doesn't buy happiness. I find that debt and poverty isn't all that uplifting either.

(sigh) Darn it, now I've gone and depressed myself.

I hope mystery woman works out her issues. I'm going crawl into my ventilation duct and sing the blues until the Fire Department comes and hauls me out. I have a feeling I may actually be there a while.


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