Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Las Vegas: Day One

On the road to Las Vegas yesterday, I had some concerns about the satellite truck I was driving. Last Friday I spent the day running through the basic operation operation of the truck. I ended the day scratching my head over a couple of quirks in how the truck was operating.

Maybe it's just me, but I like to be able to depend on my gear. Double that if I'm going out of town.

It's not as if I had no confidence that the truck would get the job done. It's just that we were going all the way to Las Vegas. If the truck didn't work (or I couldn't make it work), I'd have to justify my decision to take it instead of another truck.

You see my dilemma?

This was going to be my first trip in this particular truck since they upgraded and reconfigured much of the gear. Yeah, I waffled a bit. I just didn't want to put off taking the truck out.

See, that's my ego talking. I have common sense, but it doesn't always get a say in these decisions.

Anyway, long story slightly shorter, I'm in Las Vegas in the truck. I set it up on a strip of dirt in front of a construction sight between the Monte Carlo and New York, New York.

The camera position was on a driveway behind us. Our reporter, Rick Chambers, is a tall guy, but the driveway's elevation was intended to give him a little additional altitude over the foot traffic. We had a little concern over folks just out to have a good time. The concern being they might try to make their TV news debut.

You know, we don't really like it when people do that.

It was a little shocking, but we got one drunken Vegas vacationeer who offered to flash her boobs on camera. I'm almost ashamed to say I nearly tripped when I scrambled out of the SAT truck to snap that picture.

She was bluffing, but we told Photographer Robert Pastoriza that she really did it. He'd been away from the truck "taking care of business" when this little non-incident happened.

We did the liveshot and the truck worked fine.

After the liveshot we had a late dinner with a good friend and former co-worker. Yup, that's Tricia Kean of KTNV hanging out with the crew.

We spend a lot of hours in the field working with people. Sometimes they move on. It's just the way life goes that you often lose touch. Working in news, you just eventually get to know people all over the place. I'm sure it's the same in other occupations (heck, life in general), but it's a big part of how we live.

Every now and then we see each other in the field and we have the opportunity to catch up with our friends. Friends who now have lives and careers away from where we first met them.

It's a small thing, but I hope people working in news realize that friendships and laughter carries a lot of weight. That's a little part of what tips the scales into positive favor when we question why we do what we do.

I'd better go ahead and make some moves to get ready for work. We've got another day in Las Vegas and we'll be covering the Academy of Country Music Awards. Everybody go, Yee-haw!

We had a good day yesterday. Shucks, I can't see any reason why "what happened here" has to "stay here".


Widescreen said...

That reporter of yours has spent way to much time in a solarium!

beFrank said...

widescreen - I blame my camera settings a bit. Bottom line? It's not for me to judge, I just put them on TV.