Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Las Vegas: Day Two (or is it Three?)

I was talking to the "Iron Chief" on the phone yesterday morning. You know, just complaining about how difficult it is to be on the road, eating out at Las Vegas restaurants, and staying up late laughing and talking in the hotel bar with former KCAL reporters.

I hear this loud BOOM. The windows rattle, heck, the whole building shakes like there's a mini-earthquake. I go to the window and see this cloud of smoke rising from the construction site next door.

Actually, I cussed loudly and then went to the window.

They had set off an pretty big explosion and a large cloud of dust was still visible. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots. While I explained to the Chief why I was ranting like a maniac.

For a town that never sleeps, you'd think they'd do this kind of demolition in the middle of the night when everybody is losing money at blackjack.

Maybe that's just me.

Maybe I'm just bitter.

Hmm, maybe nobody has any sympathy for me because I'm still in Las Vegas.

I think, maybe I'll just quietly check out and head for home.

Our coverage of the Academy of Country Music Awards went fine yesterday. I'll post some pictures later after I get home. I say they went fine, but that just means we got on the air. One or two bumps in the road popped up during the day.

At least nothing blew up (other than the construction site). We'll talk. I'll see you later.


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