Sunday, May 28, 2006

Me and the ACMA. . .

. . .not to be confused with the CMA.

Maybe I don't look like the kind of news photographer that might get a kick out of covering a Country/Western Music Awards show. In fact, you'd probably be surprised at how eclectic my tastes in music have been over the years.

Just don't ask me for specifics. Eclectic hasn't always meant "good" and I still can't bring myself to buy the CD of several albums from my misspent youth.

Just don't kid yourself, I bet you have an lp embarrassment or two gathering dust in your parent's garage. Maybe even on cassette (or 8-track).

It's been a few days and I'm finally catching up with my posts from the road trip to Las Vegas I took this week. It was mostly SAT truck duty, but I still managed to squeeze off a few shots of the celebrity arrivals on the "orange" (red) carpet.

You know, I'm not terribly star struck (you get over that pretty quickly), but I've got to admit it's a kick to being just arms distance from so many famous (and sometimes talented) people.

Let's face it, you've seen the weird beenie/hat/cap thing that Billy Gibbons of "ZZ Top" wears constantly. Don't you wonder what it looks like up close?

Kind of like a rug.

I nearly always get these wrong, so don't count on me identifying these people correctly. That's the group "Little Big Town" and they were nominated for Top New Duo or Vocal Group.

Don't ask me if they won.

I was on the carpet until the line to get backstage through the metal detectors had died down. Once that happened, I had to finish cabling our decks to record the backstage interviews and the parts of the show they were feeding to us.

Someone else will have to clue me in on whether Carrie Underwood walked away with any of the awards for which she was nominated.

I just don't know.

After the backstage gear was mostly ready to go, I had to leave the show completely to go back to our hotel (The Monte Carlo, right across the strip). I needed to move the SAT truck into position. I couldn't tell you who won anything, but then again, I was at work.

I wasn't there to enjoy the show. I'm just glad I got to see Vince Gill. . .

. . .Cowboy Troy (whom I mistook for Will Smith at a distance). . .

. . .Billy Currington. . .

. . .uh, this guy. . .

. . .maybe Hannah Storm. . .

. . .and Carrot Top.

Hunh, what?

Yeah, I guess it was all part of the Las Vegas connection. I never knew Carrot Top to be closely associated with the whole C&W scene.

It was also bizarre to see the Carrot Top "gun show" that looks suspiciously like a steroid assisted condition. Now, I won't be asking that particular question if the situation ever comes up. Heck, he might take a swing at me and if I got "clocked" by Carrot Top, I think I'd have to leave the country.

So, as always, there were lots to see and in a fairly dry stretch of news road, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to go and witness as much as I could first hand.

I spent a chunk of my afternoon troubleshooting the SAT truck. It was the first time I'd taken it out for some real work since the final recent upgrades it had gone through. Wish I could say that everything went exactly as planned, but gremlins in the machine made sure I'd have no time to make any casino donations while waiting for our satellite windows to open.

It's Sunday night and I'm going to spend a little time relaxing and getting ready for the coming week.

I still have a couple of items on my todo list, but they can wait until the morning. This is about as caught up as I've been in the last few months. It's never far from my thoughts that I'm only a phone call away from being sent out almost anywhere in the world.

I have my passport and a travel bag ready to go. I'm not hoping for anything, but you can bet, I'm ready for anything.

A few more shots are posted on Flickr. Enjoy the holiday. You can be sure I'll let you know where I end up.


Double-shot Naked said...

Enjoed the shots and the behind the scene look; yeah, the Carrot Top thing is a little over the top especially the eye-liner; what happened?

Lenslinger said...

Sweet Jesus!

I used to watch Carrot Top do his prop comedy bit at the local rock-n-roll dive/comedy club. The guy in your picture looks like he ate the guy I used to know...

beFrank said...

"double-shot naked" - I don't know of any situation where eyeliner on a man is appropriate.

"lenslinger" - Some images will forever be eteched into our sub-conscious.

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