Thursday, May 25, 2006

What's cooking?

Pardon my grogginess this morning. I stayed up late because I had to see the "Lost" season finale. Don't ask me anything about it or why I watch. I just sit in front of the TV every week and scratch my head like everyone else.

I'm behind in posting and my writing, so I'm gonna try to catch up with everything today. I'm going to post here, on my company blog and then I'm heading to Starbucks and get some of my regular writing done before work. That's the plan, so I better dig into it.

You want to know what's going on here?

Reporter Suraya Fadel and Photographer John Vincent were covering a cooking competition being held last Friday at Trade Tech College near downtown Los Angeles.

That was the day I was driving around town searching for a crew to put on TV. That was part of my efforts to test out the satellite truck I'd be taking to Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music Awards.

It was a fairly odd situation, it kind of felt like panhandling for liveshots.

Plus, I didn't get a chance to actually test the sat truck while there. Too many obstructions and parking issues.

I did help John and Suraya get on TV. I ran camera on their first liveshot and that gave John extra time to work on their package in the microwave truck. They would have made slot even if I hadn't pitched in, but my help gave them some much needed breathing room.

Being around the cooking competition reminded me of the segment I used to shoot with Chef Mario Martinoli. He's moved on to bigger and better and you might recognize him as the commercial pitchman for the Smart and Final stores.

Yeah, we often get to taste when we cover food stories. Even though that isn't a reason why anyone would ever want to get into the news business. . .

. . .a yummy treat every now and then is a nice perk of the job. For experience junkies like myself, that's always been some of the best days at the office.

I never got to do a complete test of the SAT truck on Friday, but everything worked out in Las Vegas. The food there was pretty good too.

With the better class of food I've been getting, I'm worried that my body might not be able to take the shock when I go back to my regular photographer diet. Woo, maybe I'll be in an area with a convenient bacon-wrapped hot dog or corn on the cob vendor.

Gosh, I sure hope none of this is going to affect my life insurance premiums.


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