Thursday, June 22, 2006

The difference between night and day.

Yesterday I swapped shifts with another photographer. Right now I have no idea what he did during my regular night shift working hours, but I covered a press conference in South Los Angeles at the LAPD Southeast Division during his dayside shift.

I can't say it was fun.

Larry Watson, a young father of two boys was shot and killed in front of his apartment building on June 4th.

I'm amazed at how routine this is. Where's the outrage? How do you get away with this?

There were witnesses, but nobody has been able to identify the killer. It's obvious that nobody wants to come forward and I guess that's part of the environment of fear that allows this type of atrocity to go unpunished.

If I knew who did it or I could point the police in the right direction, I really want to believe that I'd have all the courage it takes to do the right thing and make a completely anonymous phone call.

I do have to admit, it's a scary neighborhood.

While I was getting my tripod and camera to shoot the scene where Larry Watson was shot, I was actually kind of worried that somebody might decide to take a shot at me.

We didn't go live from the scene.

We got the video we needed for the story and went back to the cop shop.

I hear it every now and then about the media or the police treating murders differently if the victim is a person of color. Right now, I'm wondering why does it matter? If an innocent person can be gunned down in front of his own home and nobody cares enough to step forward, why should anyone from anywhere else care?

Okay, I realize I don't live there, so I can't fully appreciate the fear the residents might feel. It's still difficult to understand why, given the opportunity, people don't see how little it matters what someone else will do or not do for you.

They need to stop asking for a better world to live in.

They need to make the world they live in a better world for themselves.

If you know something about the murder of Larry Watson, coming forward would be a pretty good step in that direction.

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