Saturday, June 10, 2006

It should have come with free popcorn.

I like to think of myself as a pretty down-to-earth guy. I guess it surprises some people to know that Dellis and I will sometimes go to the opera.

Don't ask me why.

After last week's performance of "Grendel" at the Dorothy Chandler pavilion, I'm scratching my head and wondering that myself.

I don't want to go into a whole big thing about what was right with the performance and what was wrong with it. I'll leave it to the real opera critics to dish. It was entertaining for the most part, but the entire production had a strong "Disneyland" feel to it.

I know that people who worked on "The Lion King" musical were involved in this opera, but there was a whole mechanical element that I found distracting.

I wanted to be impressed by the vocal talents of the performers, but none of them could compete with the overpowering presence of the "big bad" mechanical wall.

You might have heard about the trouble they were having in the previous week when the wall shut down the opening night of the opera and forced them to juggle the schedule.

The wall never let me forget that I was watching a very expensive production and nearly commanded as much attention as the opera's lead singer guy.

Check us out in our opera attire.

See, I'm just a regular guy. Well, yeah, I wore a Hawaiian shirt to the opera, but it was a matinee. Dellis and I enjoyed the experience, but that had more to do with us spending time together.

The night before the opera, we went out to a movie. It's probably less surprising that we went to see a summer film. Guess what? They were about equally entertaining (at least to me).

Heck, now that I think about it, the X-Men movie was about an hour shorter than the opera and the tickets cost a lot less.

If you were thinking about catching "Grendel", you might want to go see "X-Men" instead.

I'm not bitter, but the LA Opera isn't getting any more of my money. I'm just going down to the carwash and picking up the next opera on bootleg DVD.


Widescreen said...

It's important to make time for the two of you. I have gone to the opera many times. Always to film.

When my wife looks in the paper and says, "Honey, do you want to go to the opera to see....." I always answer with, " I did that the other day"

In fact, I probably 'saw' 10min of it as I was working, but shot 2hrs. Our work sometimes spoils everyday events, by taking out the surprise element and come the weekend, I don't want to go 'driving' or into the 'city' because that's what I do all week.

My wife and I are trying to find a happy compromise. You both looked like you were enjoying yourselves anyway.

Jack's Shack said...

X-Men- Now there is a movie that didn't live up to its potential. I enjoyed it, but it was missing something.

beFrank said...

widescreen - Plus, I always have a strong reluctance to go relax at or near the scene of a murder or other similarly tragic event. living in one place for any length of time and options become severely limited.

jack's shack - Hollywood is simply delusional when it comes to making movies that involve existing characters. They seem arrogant and condescending when it comes to creating entertainment. Profit is the bottom line and really determines what is seen as good and bad when it comes to the quality of a story. For the amount of money they spend and make on these summer blockbusters, you'd think they could find a well written story.

Sorry for the rant.

I still want my $8.00 back.