Saturday, June 17, 2006

Swing your partner!

It's not always about gathering the news.

Mrs. Dellis Frank, (aka: Action-Wife) is a middle school teacher. Yesterday, as a favor to her, I took a day off and snapped still pictures at the 8th grade formal dance which she helped organize.

Sometimes you get so far away from childhood, I think we adults need to remember what things were like at the tender younger ages.

Do you remember what it was like to just dance and be happy?

It was an insanely busy day and there's a few observations that I'd like to share.

I'm going to have to rest up a bit first.

For now, just know that I'm even more amazed how teachers deal with these kids on a daily basis. I was around them for less than half a day and I swear it was tough to resist the urge to strangle most of them.

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Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Hey fella, I agree with you on the garden issue. Keep up the good writing and deep thought.

Are your ears ringging from all that loude music? Some of those kids might need a little strangling.