Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yay, I got some news!

No, no, not from me. I'm just happy I have an assignment.

Let me just calm down.

Okay, everybody knows that it's been slow for me lately. I admit that I haven't blogged as much and for that, I'm pretty sorry. My days at work haven't been all that inspiring. It's been nothing but slow news days.

Nothing to do, but ride out the current wave. The pace should eventually change and then you can be sure I'll be wishing for an easy day.

With yesterday, it looks like things are starting to looking up.

I got called in early. Woo-hoo!

It gives me a rush just thinking about it. I can't tell you how long it's been since I last got the call. I'm thankful, there was no major news tragedy (but, hot damn).

A photog was needed for an entertainment shoot. No liveshot and no editing. Just interviews, a presser, and b-roll.

I was happy even before I knew who was going to be there.

This was all related to a benefit concert being held to help raise awareness about the need for working class families to have access to after school programs.

Yeah, whatever.

I was just happy to have something to shoot. This could have been a concert to raise awareness and promote the promotion of promoters as far as I was concerned. Again, just happy to be shooting.

It was just the rehearsal, but there's still a lot of activity that happens behind the scenes at these types of events. I stayed moving all afternoon. Surprisingly, lots of access to the celebs and all the free bottled water I could drink.

Sara Evans rehearsed a performance with 3 Doors Down.

I was up near the stage, right near that empty chair. the concert is going to air in the fall on CBS. I'm going to watch just to see if anyone finally moved it.

I'm not used to being free-range at these things. They usually let us shoot one song (or part of a song) and then a media wrangler will show us the way out. We had the run of the place.

We shot one song, then had to get set up for the press conference. Darn.

Dr. Phil was there. He was serving as host of the concert and we interviewed him briefly. He was nice and had a big ol' firm Texas handshake.

I'll admit there's sometimes a bit of anxiety when the interview subject is important to the people who sign my paycheck. It kind of feels like I'm sticking my neck out and I could see myself getting a cease and desist letter.

I'd be publicly outraged.

You know, I think I've built a good reputaion for being fair in what I write. I don't gossip (much) and I don't gripe about my employer. I'd be surprised if anyone famous would even notice my blog, let alone take offense.

If I did get a lawyer"ish" type letter, again my "public" outrage would be huge. On the inside, I'd be thinking it was pretty cool.

Shucks, then they'd have to send me another letter. I'm pretty sure I'd blog the first one.


Widescreen said...

My sister in law lives and breathes by Dr Phil. Will never miss an episode down here. Will tape it if out.

I just want to kick the TV in when he comes on! Can't stand him. That's often the case that the person you see on TV is not the same as the one you meet.

If they are nice then in real life they are pricks and the pricks are really nice! Although we have a couple who are pricks either way.


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