Sunday, July 30, 2006

Captain Kirk -vs- Mr Myagi: Cage Match!

You know one of the biggest reasons for me to do this blog is so people can tag along with me when I get a cool assignment.

Cool assignment? Yeah, right. I haven't gotten a lot of those lately.

I'm not complaining. There's been a definite upswing and I always tell people to just hang in there with me. I go through lots of up and down cycles. Shucks, this week found me shooting interviews with Shaq and Schwarzenegger. On Friday I topped it off covering a segment of "In The Garden" with Anne Martin.


Trust me, it all makes sense. See that sign? It clearly says, Water Reclamation Plant. What they really mean is RAW SEWAGE!

What does raw sewage have to do with our garden segment? Not much (unless you're being mean). If you take a close look at the sign, you'll see the whole obvious reason why we were there.

This water reclamation plant is also the home of a six and half acre Japanese Garden. One of the top Japanese Gardens in the United States. I don't know how well it ranks compared to the Japanese Gardens in Japan. Probably not so good. Here in the USA? It's a darn good garden.

Who knew? This place is huge and completely hidden from the public view.

Serene and beautiful, this has to rank as one of the best kept secrets of Los Angeles. It's open to the public and it's been around for years.

The main administration building might even be more famous than the garden itself. Does it look familiar?

The garden and the administration building has been used on more than one occasion in Star Trek as Star Fleet Academy. Am I the only one who didn't know about this place?

Does this still count as a brush with celebrity? Sure, why not?

Say what you want, this was not a bad capper to what might actually have been my best week this year. Every day was something different and it was all mostly cool.

I'm not going to bring down the room and complain about having to walk much of the six and a half acres carrying my gear. I won't complain about working in the blazing hot SoCal summer and enduring the stench of raw sewage for the couple of b-roll shots we'd need from the other part of the facility.

Nah, that would just ruin the illusion.

Pass the sunscreen and somebody tell Scotty, one to beam up.


Widescreen said...

Just goes to show you can't believe everything you see in the movies. My daughter just spent 3 weeks in Japan and loved it. We all intend to go back soon.

It's amazing what can be hidden in your own city and even though you have lived there all your life and spend your working days traversing it, some things just stay hidden.

BTW, I sent you email. Trust you got it.

Celia said...

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