Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do you remember Tania?

It's official, I'm going into a full on state of withdrawal.

That's my key to the Chief Photographer's office. I'm performing Third Wheel duties this week and haven't had a free waking moment at home to put thoughts to keyboard.

It's mostly an interesting (if not adventurous) week when I'm filling in, but I may not have time to write anything of substance until the weekend.

One interesting tid-bit that I thought was worth a mention. The store front in the picture below used to belong to a sporting goods store. Not just any sporting good store. It used to be Mel's Sporting Goods.

Sound familiar?

Not a great footnote in history, but that was the Inglewood, California store where Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) made a violent appearance a day or so before their really big shootout with the LAPD.

In 1974 I lived with my family nearby in Gardena. I was shocked about the incident back then, because I'd been in there before. Shopping for fat laces for my tennis shoes, if I remember correctly.

I live closer to it now (around the corner) and I've watched as demolition has begun in preparation for redevelopment of the area. The tearing down of the building won't make the news, but I thought it might stir a few memories if people knew about it going away. I've got OSHA reports to work on and other "Chiefy" stuff to do.

Anybody know what Patty Hearst is up to these days?

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newshutr said...

I don't know how you do it but, if I had to stay inside and paperwork my way through the day, I'd wind up kicking babies....

More power to you and Godspeed to getting you back on the streets!!