Monday, July 24, 2006

Smoking Hot Shakespeare

Yeah, that's my foot in the picture. It was relaxing along with the rest of me (not pictured), in Polliwog Park over the weekend.

Enjoying the company of friends and waiting for this year's Shakespeare by the Sea performance.

This year they performed "The Comedy of Errors". I can just vaguely remember seeing it performed at Cal State Long Beach back in the early eighties.

It's held up pretty well.

I saw it for extra credit in a theatre class. It was either an acting or playwriting course, I don't remember exactly which. Come to think of it, I also don't remember much of the performance either.

Typical of me, I do specifically remember sleeping through a big chunk of it.

This was different. This performance managed to hold my attention. Bravo, bravo!

That wasn't an easy task. Especially considering the weather was almost too hot on Saturday for Shakespeare.

It was so hot, at one point I tried hiding from the sun under my wife's very cool extra-wide-brimmed hat. She was wearing it at the time and I was shoo'ed away.

Eventually the setting sun allowed the Manhattan Beach ocean breeze to give the audience a break from the heat.

It was a spirited performance. After some of the big ticket cultural events I've attended in the past year, I felt like I was finally getting my money's worth. You can't beat "Free".

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I liked the play, but it's not my favorite Shakespeare piece. That would be "Much Ado About Nothing" or "Romeo and Juliet".

I hear some people enjoyed this play better than last year's. Okay, I can see that.

Myself, I think the technical presentation last year was better. This year, there was a sudden audio drop for some reason when characters came onto the stage. That was really distracting.

I liked the lead actor and the character he played in last year's perforrmance better than the actors in this year's. My favorite? The screaming woman from this year had a couple of great scenes (she's pointing at the audience in the picture). I'll tell you what, if Shakespeare had written a slasher movie, I'd want to cast that screaming woman in a lead role.

That would be some great theatre.

I can honestly say, I got more out of this one than the one I slept through in college.


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