Monday, July 17, 2006

Who knows what EVOO is?

That's a Rachel Ray"ism" shorthand for extra virgin olive oil.

It's been extra quiet lately for me, but this is more like it.

Friday I got to go to Morton's Restaurant in West Hollywood to help cover a big interview. This was a pretty huge deal for the station.

They actually sent out three photographers for a two and a half camera interview.

I ran one of those small prosumer HD cameras for b-roll. It's a nifty little piece of gear, but I'd never trade for it. Too light for my tastes, but I can see why they'll be popping up more often in what we do. Very good quality.

I think I've introduced the globe trotting Scott Mackie before and that's Marvin "1K Cooking" Stone.

I guess I've finally made it in Hollywood. I think it's fair to say, Morton's is one of those eateries where the rich and famous go to be seen.

I've covered the Vanity Fair Oscar Party a few times, but I've never been inside of Morton's.

Nice place. The TV gear added a little something to the ambiance.

My station was holding a special luncheon to welcome Rachel Ray's new syndicated show. It's going to begin airing on our network in the fall. To be honest, it's always nice to get a free meal when we're on the clock.

Heh-heh, Rachael who?

I could have had a fillet or salmon. I'm not sure what cut of beef the fillet was, I decided to go with the salmon.

It was served up on a bed of spinach and came with beets. The beets were okay, but the salmon was maybe the best I've ever had. Melt in your mouth good.

We didn't get much opportunity to hang out with Rachel Ray. I thought it was nice that she signed autographs for everyone who was at the luncheon. She's been on the go a lot lately, but still did a pretty long interview with Kent Shocknek.

We had an entourage of our station's top managers and executives hanging out for the interview.

It might have intimidated a lesser crew, but we took it all in stride.

No, that's not a Merlot. Just a diet Coke in a wine glass. I can never remember which soda goes with fish.

Photo by Marvin Stone

It was great to be working an interesting shoot. You know I haven't had enough of those recently.

It was also pretty interesting that this turned out to be the second biggest interview I helped cover this weekend.


I'll try to be back this evening to tell you about the other one.


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