Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's duck season.

Keep your head down.

Every time I see a bullet hole in something that's not made out of flesh and bone, it freaks me out a little to know that somebody intended (and was trying really hard) to put those holes into a person.

Now, if I got the story straight, the guy who fired the shots that made these holes is dead. Killed by the undercover officer whom he was trying to ventilate.

The whole story involves a house in Northridge where people suspected of being involved with illegal drugs were living.

Makes you kind of believe maybe there was some truth behind that particular suspicion. Very rarely do innocent people just suddenly start shooting at undercover cops.

Very rarely.

You know, I'm getting a lot of assignments lately involving officer involved shootings. I'm kind of outraged. It's so stupid that these suspects are willing to kill (let's assume they're not just firing warning shots) and risk their own lives over a nearly insignificant amount of monetary gain.

Our streets are full of these idiots.

There is nothing noble or admirable in their actions. There is nothing to be respected in their lives thrown away.

Why aren't more people outraged? Well, maybe they are.

It's easy to understand the reluctance of decent people to step forward and condemn the glorification of the gangster lifestyle. It's difficult to fight (let alone win) against someone who has no hope and nothing to lose. In the end, the best way to deal with it sometimes is to let the foolish keep playing their game. They'll either realize eventually how little there is to gain and make a change in themselves or they'll keep playing until their luck runs out.

Then I'll have another assignment, but I'm honestly not that desperate for something to do.

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Colonel Corn's Camera said...

you are so right when you say you can't win a war against someone with no hope and nothing to lose.

I think the war in Iraq may be unwinable for the same reasons.