Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Save the King!

Been thinking a lot about the accident from last Friday and I think I need to lighten up.

I've had to do some juggling this week and it started to feel like I wasn't being very productive. Usually when that's the case I start making lists in order to stay focused. I made a quick to-do list last night after dinner. After finishing it, I fell asleep. Posting was pretty high up on the list.

Going to bed early wasn't on there at all.

I'm actually sorry I missed posting yesterday. It's okay though. It's not like I had anything major happening.

That's mainly because I have the honor of sitting in for the Chief Photographer again.

Does he have a sweet deal? Heck yeah, he does! The way I'm counting, it's possible he has something like three years of vacation time.

Anyway, welcome back to the exciting world of crew assignments, OSHA reports and scheduling.

Most folks might not believe it, but enjoying this job is really a lot in the attitude. If I approach the job of "fill in-acting-second assistant-emergency backup chief" like it's an adventure, it'll kind of seem like something exciting.

Granted, it can be a challenging job at times, but I do have a pretty active imagination for when it isn't.

Like this morning as I was refilling my fourth cup of coffee, I asked myself a simple question. Wasn't Aramark one of Dumas' Three Musketeers?

Well, that's pretty much all I got going creatively. I think those OSHA reports are killing my brain cells.

Hmm. Just thinking about it, Aramark is kind of my hero. I mean, who isn't, "one for all and all for coffee!"

Photo by John Vincent

So far the week in the big chair has been uneventful. I'm going to keep the caffeine flowing and try to find something interesting to do.

The NoHo Gallery LA artist's reception is coming up on Friday. I'm looking forward to it and I think I could actually stay awake until then.

Does anyone else hear a buzzing sound?


Michelle said...

That coffee looks mighty inviting :o)

beFrank said...

michelle - Yes, I will have a second cup. (Does anyone remember this comercial or the scene from the movie "Airplane"?)

newshutr said...

"That's funny...Joe NEVER has a second cup of coffee at home.."

"That's funny...Joe NEVER gets sick a second time at home.."

beFrank said...

newshutr - Yup. Spot on, dude. Hilarious.