Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

The driver was transported to a local hospital, so it's probable that he suffered some kind of injuries in the crash. . .OH, MY GOSH! THE DUDE WON ON "BIG BROTHER: ALL STARS" AND NOT THE GIRL!

Anybody hearing me? Hellooooo! Dude won! Dude won!

Aw, barnacles!

By the time you read this, the news (if you're interested in this kind of thing) will have already gotten out. I don't watch much (any) reality TV shows and I just don't know anyone personally hooked on this particular show.

Man, what a waste of a perfectly good spoiler.

My assignment after the automobile/99 Cent Store traffic accident, I covered the Big Brother LIVE season finale this afternoon. I knew the outcome before most people on the planet. It kind of gave me a sense of power for a little while. I kept asking people if they wanted to know who won.

People seemed interested, but they didn't seem impressed that I knew early. Maybe they were impressed and just didn't want me to know that they were impressed.

That show kind of makes you paranoid.

This is the second place winner. She got $50,000 dollars. That's not bad for three months of work. I couldn't do it, but she had the right personality for the show.

This was another couple of former contestants. The girl won the jury prize of $25,000 dollars. She had "the right personality" for the show too.

You may not have picked up on it, but I'm trying to use "the right personality" as a euphemism.

I'm not gonna explain that any further.

Surprisingly, the contestants were all really nice to us when we interviewed them. Sure, I know it was just a TV show, but I (maybe a little) expected them to be bitter dishonest people.

Can I hold your wallet? I'll give it right back.

They were all pretty normal. I kept checking my back pocket anyway, but that was probably unnecessary.

It also felt like there was a whole "Schrödinger's Cat" vibe at work here, but I'm just a news photographer. Quantum physics aren't exactly my area of expertise.

All I know is, I stood for an hour and a half waiting for the winner to be announced. Just me and half a dozen of my media brethren. We stood on a small prop staircase in the back of the studio while the finale show aired "LIVE" for the East coast.

The floor director kept telling us to shush.

You know what? Next season, if they try to explain Schrödinger's theory, I'm gonna watch. It'll add an educational component to the show.

I don't think I'll want to be there for the finale, but the show might end up saving a bunch of prize money.

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Terri said...

Okay, okay, I admit it. My secret obsession...Reality TV. Yes, I watched Big Brother and I watch Project Runway. I also watched Hell's Kitchen and Survivor. It keeps me out of the bars! But don't tell anybody. (I'd rather they think I'm in the bars than watching reality TV)