Monday, September 25, 2006

I'll send you a postcard.

Maybe I should have said something sooner, but I'm on vacation this week. Not a lot going on, I'm just taking it "Easy" and spending some time with Dellis around the house.

We're catching up on a few movies (saw "Hollywoodland" yesterday) and the latest Walter Mosley paperback got bumped to the top of the book pile. It's also part of the plan to spend some time at Starbucks to wrap up a writing project.

I'll keep everyone posted if there's anything interesting going on (I expect to get a little restless by mid-week) and I'll see if we can't come up with an adventure to share.

So far, it's been nice to just sit back and feel like we didn't have to get out of town. It's great to have the time to recharge, but we looked around and decided that everything we needed for a vacation was right here under our roof.

I may still have to make a beer run. My beer bucket isn't going to fill itself.

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newshutr said...

Yeah, ain't vacation great?? I'm on my second week in a row. Was down in the Outer Banks of NC. I hate to admit it but I've had dreams of doing live shots the past couple of nights.