Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's not a fashion statement.

I started this post yesterday morning, but didn't get a chance to finish it. Since then, a body has been found that is likely the remains of Wayne Crowley.

From early Thursday. . .

Wayne Crowley is missing in the Santa Monica Mountains. Yesterday, when I was called in early (remember I mentioned it in the last post) it was to take a satellite truck out to help put the story on TV.

As typical, I barely knew anything about the story when I left the station. I don't care. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not compassionate. It's just that at stage I'm focused on getting there and getting my job done. All I need is the general direction to start out. On the way to the location I'll call the assignment desk or the field crew to find out exactly where I need to be.

Sometimes I won't get any details about the story until I get to the scene. Sometimes, this is the first thing I'll see.

Family and friends comforting each other.

Wayne Crowley has been two days missing in the wilderness without a trace. Sometimes these stories end well. The lost person might be found disoriented, hungry, and embarrassed, but otherwise okay.

Until evidence to the contrary, there should always be hope. There's always a chance that the person will be found.

That's difficult to remember when the sun begins to set and it starts to get chilly.

Still, it's best to have faith.

That's sometimes difficult for me to write about. I find assumptions are often made from what isn't included in the text. It tends to make me want to try to explain so as not to offend or exclude. It just makes it difficult to keep things brief.

I've always found my religious beliefs makes a difference in my life. It's not a constant consideration, but when I'm out covering the news, thoughts of my religious beliefs will come to mind. When I see some else in pain and suffering, I will have prayerful thoughts for them.

It's not like when I pray to hit the lottery. This is different.

I'm not saying a prayer for something specific. It's not that I believe if I pray hard enough, I'll get a positive outcome. I just know that my beliefs have comforted me when I've had to deal with trauma and pain.

All I want is for someone else to find some comfort in their time of crisis.

Somebody commented on my earring while I was out there. I've worn it for almost half of my life, very rarely taking it off. I really don't think about it ever, but someone else noticing it is what got me thinking about religion and prayer and faith.

It's not part of my job description. It's not something that I have conversations about. I just thought it might be worth mentioning. Sometimes, the guy behind the lens (even if he's pretty focused on getting the story) might actually be saying a prayer too. It's comforting and almost as much for him as it is for you.

From seeing many search and rescue operations become recovery operations, I know praying for a positive outcome isn't enough. I know you have to pray for strength.

Even if (especially if) the outcome is the one that nobody wants.


Colonel Corn's Camera said...

I find myself praying often behind the lens. Just today a guy jumped off an over pass to his death. I said a prayer for him and his girlfriend who witness him jump.

beFrank said...

colonel corn - Good job. Bring in the news and be a good person.