Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday Principles -vs- Friday Principles

I was trying to get the SNG assignment to go and cover the fire (that's STILL burning) that I was on last week.

Rats, I didn't get it.

Since I've actually been having a good run of assignments recently, I can't really complain too much. Ended up just helping out with a liveshot from the San Fernando Courthouse.

I've done livshots from here in the past and never had a problem.

Yesterday? Problem? Little bit.

We set up near the front walkway that leads to the entrance of the building. A dedicated Sheriff's Deputy came out and told us we couldn't shoot towards the building.


Sorry. Okay. No problem, because the building isn't really a part of the story we're covering. We question the reasoning behind asking us to move our shot, but we move anyway. I shift the camera two feet and point away from the front of the building.

Maybe I should mention that it's after five o'clock and the building is officially closed.

We assume we were asked to move the shot because jurors enter and exit the building from the direction we were originally shooting. I think that's a grey area, because I'm pretty sure it's a policy of the court and not actually a law.

Outside of the building, we should be able to videotape whatever can be seen in public view.

With the courts done for the day, there really wasn't any possibility that we'd see any juror.

A Senior Deputy came out and asked us about the situation. We chatted about the rule against shooting the front of the building. We were pretty much in agreement. They gave us the "okay" to move our shot back to it's original position.

"Nah, we're good."

It wasn't a big deal. We did the liveshot, packed it all away and went home. Cooler heads prevailed, but these situations are always kind of tense. You never know when things might escalate and common sense doesn't always rule the day.

A little tip, just try to remember if you stand up for your principles on a Monday, you might only spend a few hours locked up. You do that on a Friday and you might have to spend the whole weekend in jail.

We think about these things.

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Widescreen said...

Better still, we don't have Police that lock you up for standing up for your rights!