Saturday, September 09, 2006


Can you say his name without sounding like the duck in the AFLACK Insurance commercials? I was tempted to try to get him to say it.

The assignment that interrupted my posting from the parking lot on Thursday was the "Hollywoodland" movie premiere.

I got there really early and thought I might have a decent chance of getting a good spot along the arrival line.

Yeah, right. That didn't happen.

It's been a while since I covered a premiere. Yup, not much has changed. I was still crowded into a tight position waaaaay the heck towards the end of the arrival line. I know we can't be trusted to behave ourselves, but the steel barricades really feel like overkill. They've resorted to corralling us like cattle.

Mooooo, goes the photog.

It really feels kind of undignified, but that's how it's done and I think it's how we've always done it. I may go see the movie just to see if they have a red carpet scene.

There were a lot of older Hollywood stars in attendance. It was too crowded to snap a lot of pictures, but I caught a few (hey, that's Peter Graves) and I'll post bulk of the rest on Flickr.

Maybe I shouldn't complain too much. After all it does give me a chance to snap a few shots of celebs. Even if you don't like a particular actor or actress, it's still interesting to see and hear them up close.

I'm always looking to the future with the still shots I take. I wonder what I'll remember twenty or thirty years from now about this assignment.

I hope I remember what it felt like to stand in place for two hours holding a heavy camera on my shoulder. I hope I remember the cramp I got in my foot from standing on my tiptoes to shoot over the heads of the print journalists shoehorned in next to me.

Most of all, I hope I remember that these are often unique experiences. A lot of people might find it interesting and wouldn't mind trading places with me. I'll try to keep that in mind, but you also should remember that it's a package deal.

I get to see some actual Hollywood legends like Lesley Ann Warren when I get assigned to cover movie premieres, but I also have to face tragedy, pain and suffering in the course of my job.

You must know that it's all I can do right now to not take a cheap shot at Ben Affleck's acting ability.

Have a good weekend. I'll be tending to my landscaping.


Terri said...

I will never look at or think of Ben (Afleck) AFLACK... the same again! Peter Graves is beginning to look like a much better looking Robert Blake. Love Leslie Ann Warren - she looks great....

Thomas said...

Just saw Ben Aflack on GMA. Just like all the other liberal actors getting publicity by going overseas to see the poor unfortunate people / children. Boo Hoo!!!! Someone needs to take these actors,Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and other liberal MORONS wanting to be in the news and show them all the families at St. Jude spending life savings to be with their children with cancer. Just to name one of hundreds of places right here in the USA. I guess doing something here @ home is just not as news worthy and it won't get them on the news. Sure there are people all over the globe in need but just perhaps we can take care of our own deserving families before we start being the world caretakers.