Monday, October 23, 2006

How was the what?

It's really good to be back. There's nothing like a road trip to make you appreciate the comforts of home.

I suffered a couple of days of "How was the luau?" when I got back last Thursday. Ha-ha, I understand the sentiment. If I hadn't lived through it, I'd probably assume a couple of days at a tropical resort might be a fun thing.

Sometimes when we travel, there's enough down time that we get a chance to enjoy a bit of the local culture. Sometimes. We didn't get much of that on this trip and I keep trying to explain that to people.

"But you got to go to Hawaii!"

That's pretty much the response to anything I have to say.

Let's see.

I got to wake up at 4:00am.
Cab over to LAX at 5:00am.
Flight to Maui at 6:40am (no meal, snacks available $$$).

Couldn't check gear to final destination. I have to gather up everything at baggage claim and check in for the flight to Kona (with only a one hour layover).
It's raining (of course it is).

Three cases of gear didn't make the flight, but it should be on the next flight in about an hour and a half from now. Ok.

I go pick up the rental car.

I scout the local area (mainly for food, I'm starving). My foraging turns up a Subway sandwich and chips.

Quick u-turn and I drive back to the airport. It works out well, I pick up the gear and the reporter. We work out a game plan, then drive to locations affected by the earthquake.

Hop out of the car, shoot b-roll and interviews, hop back into the car and drive to another location (and repeat).

It's late in the afternoon Hawaii time and about 8:00pm on the West Coast. If you're wondering.

We find the CBS Newspath crew and their liveshot location. We make an attempt to find damaged structures in the area. We run out of time and return to the liveshot location to cut our package.

It starts to rain. I don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty sure that's my fault.

We get our two liveshots done and wrap for the day. Now we have almost an hour drive to get to the hotel. It's pouring down rain, road visibility is low and I'm driving slow. The last thing I want is to get into an accident before I have time to get a beer after the long day I've had.

We're also looking for food, but we don't see anything on the road to the hotel.

I can't believe I'm starving in paradise.

It's about midnight and I've been up since 4:00am. We check into the hotel. I think it's really cool that the hotel has a tram that pulls right up into the lobby. You know what would have been cooler? If it had been working. That would've been really super! The hotel had a bar right next to the lobby and my room was in the ocean tower.

One beer later, I was hiking the seven and a half miles to my room. I'm not sure if the beer helped, but I made it to the room and managed to order up some room service.

I stayed awake long enough for it to be delivered. Room service is always awkward for me, I never know how much to tip. So, I sign for the meal and then empty my wallet and all my change on the cart. Room service-guy scoops it up and runs out of the room. Even without the tip, it was the most expensive burger I'd ever eaten. It did come with fries.

I find the remote and turn on the TV, then I zonk out on top of the covers. The last thing I remember, was looking at the clock and thinking I should set the alarm. Somehow (and I really believed this) I thought I had the ability to set it using the power of my mind.

Anyway, this was the first day. We survived and got the story on TV.

Ask me again, how was the luau. Go ahead, ask me.


turdpolisher said...

It's been fun reading aobut your trip. The guys back home never understand that a road trip is twice as much work as any day at the station. It's up early, running and gunning, live-live-live, and late to bed. But it still beats hanging with the suits.

beFrank said...

turdpolisher - You know it does.

Ziomal said...

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