Monday, October 16, 2006

Shaken, but not stirred.

The youngest daughter is okay. She was still without electricity the last time I talked to her, but doing well.

It's about 5:00am and I'm waiting for a cab to take me to the airport. I'm heading to Hawaii to cover the earthquake. Pictures? You know I'll do what I can. By the way, this is my second attempt to fly over.

I'll tell you about the first attempt later. Just keep your fingers crossed.

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Scott said...

Hey there BeFrank! You know, a rainy day in Hawaii is better than a sunny day anywhere else, IMHO. Weird coincidence alert: I wore my Kona Brewing Co. shirt today (haven't worn it all year) and then I come home, read your blog, and Boom! You're blogging about downing a cold Kona!! I am jealous. Ooh, that sounds good right about now... a cold brewski from our nation's 50th!! Don't work too hard! Ooh, a burger sounds good, too.
Hey, you knew my wife got me the 60 mm macro!! You dog! It's awesome! Scott Mackie