Thursday, November 09, 2006

My job title? Juggler.

I'm not quite ready for the "old photographer's home" but it's now a couple of days after the election and I woke up this morning still feeling like crap.

My muscles are sore and my head is still ringing.

It's an annual thing, but I forgot how loud the room can be at these election night functions. It feels like being in a club, but without the drinks, the dancing, and the fun.

Photo by Andrew Nyland

This was our outpost on the media risers. We had three cameras, a portable switcher, laptop editor, laptop computer, and our phones all within arms distance from where I'm sitting.

That's where I was stationed for most of that afternoon and night.

Here's an interesting little tidbit, you wouldn't know it at home, but we had to squeeze three camera positions into two. I suppose the organizers needed to accommodate as many media outlets as possible and the original allocation had to change to fit more stations into the mix. We didn't find any of that out until we got there.

That's actually pretty common in my experience.

Everybody just squeeze in where you can.

Did I mention how loud it was in the room? I had headphones that let me listen to the IFB line from our station and I could also make phone calls when I needed to feed tape or set audio levels before going live.

Photo by Jeff Mailes

In addition to our two reporters, we also helped one of our CBS affiliate stations (KGPE) by feeding back tape for their newscast. It's not rocket science, but all this can get to be pretty complicated. The thing that helps the most in this kind of situation is just staying calm and flexible.

Maybe you can tell that I was sitting right next to the reporters when they went live. It's kind of goofy, but I was tempted to lean over and peek into the shot.

Yup, we absolutely have to stay flexible. The plans for the evening can change. Maybe another affiliate would like a liveshot or the reporter might have a live interview that can be squeezed in. By the time the candidate finally makes his appearance towards the end of the night, we're all pretty fried.

It wouldn't be politics without confetti cannons.

I don't know if there's some sort of rule or something, but I'd be okay without all the hoopla. I know they just want everyone to be excited and they want to celebrate winning the election. I'd be more excited if the politicians all just did a really swell job while in office.

That's just me though. Most of the people there probably liked the balloons and confetti. The Governor seemed to be having a good time.

Of course, he didn't have to pack up all the gear at the end of the night, haul it back to the station and put it away. Well, we all have our jobs to do.

I'm going to go stretch a bit and try to make that run I mentioned earlier. It's only Thursday and I still have my job to do later.

Good luck, Mr. Governor.


Jack's Shack said...

Your job has some pretty cool moments.

beFrank said...

I get my share. It's tough to keep from being an experience junkie.