Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cool yule.

If you look carefully at the photograph below, you're going to notice two things.

1. Yes, I'm wearing new glasses.

2. Yes, I'm wearing a Santa hat.

3. Yes, I'm inside the building instead of out in the field covering the news.

Okay, three things.

Photo by John Vincent

If I my glasses are gone and they're missing for more than six weeks, I sort of have to admit that they might not be coming back. Keep hope alive and all that, but in the meantime I have books to read and write (and that's already an uphill battle). Saw my optometrist about a week and half ago. Been sporting the new specs since last Thursday.

I shaved my beard into a goatee and had kind of a Malcolm X thing going for a couple of days. It was working for me, but just too difficult to keep from grinning. I traded the goatee in for the moustache and stubble.

The Santa hat? What can I say? It's a bit of a tradition for me (and it keeps my head warm).

This is an artist's rendering of our new station. I'm going to wait for an official "okay" before I post some actual photographs. Just let me be the first to say, wow! The new place is really going to be something special.

My drawing probably only barely captures just how cool it's going to be.

Well, this was another quick post to let you know that I'm alive and well. I'm keeping busy, but I've been pulled to help on a project that relates to the new facility. That means it's a hush-hush deal. Can't talk about it without tipping our hand to the competition.

I'd be suffering full news withdrawal if I were missing anything major. The end of the year is usually pretty quiet. Is everybody okay with that?

How about it? Let's keep it quiet through the holidays.


photogguy said...

"My drawing probably only barely captures just how cool it's going to be."

Yeah, only just barely.


beFrank said...

photogguy - I hope other people found that line funny. For real, I think I captured the "freaking awesome" essence of the new building.

IGirl said...

Awww... I LOVE THIS PICTURE. xoxo to Dellis and Happy Holidays, my friend. Are the kids coming in for X=mas?? ; )

beFrank said...

igirl - Yup. We're pretty jazzed that all three will be here. I hope you and yours are safe, happy and well this Christmas season.

Hugs and holiday cheer from all of us here in beFrankLand.