Sunday, December 17, 2006

Let's hope this is a good omen.

It might not be news, but this is new. Dellis and I were about to leave to go Christmas shopping and I noticed this visitor to our backyard.

My first thought was, cool. Then I thought about trying to go outside and see if I might be able to lure him down from his perch with some food.

I took a look at the talons and reconsidered.

A handful of birdseed was all it took to get adopted by our cockatiel. Somehow I couldn't quite see that happening with "Avenger" here.

Uh, Avenger is Birdman's crimefighting partner's name. (Just "Google" it. I'll link it later.)

He was pretty alert to our movement. We were about twenty feet away, scoping him out from our bedroom window.

Dellis and I were asking each other, "Do you think he can see us?"

I seem to recall these things having extremely good eyesight. I'm guessing, yeah. He was probably watching us the whole time.

That was kind of creepy.

I managed to grab my camera and squeeze off a few shots (yay, proof!), but I was moving to another part of the house and missed when he flew away. I don't know what Dellis has been putting in the bird feeder, but we maybe should cut back on that.

More shopping and more shed work today. While I'm working out there with my tools, I'm keeping an eye out for our visitor. I think I've seen "Avenger" stop criminals by dropping a borrowed hammer on them.

They never showed him bringing the hammer back.

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Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Cool back yard buddy you have there. With him it could be as simple as your flowers that drew him in. I hope he visits more often but guard the cockatiel.