Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who'll stop the news?

Okay, I mentioned how all the media was booted out of the church parking lot when the armed forces realized that we were in the way of their practice for the President Ford memorial service. Clearing out wasn't a big deal.

Finding another local spot to set up for our liveshots was.

It's not the only truth, so try not to immediately jump all over me for being honest. I tried to pick a spot that wouldn't upset the business owners in the neighborhood. I scouted the streets around the El Paseo shopping district for a while before I found a spot.

In a less affluent part of town, finding an alternate liveshot location might have been less of an issue. It's not that I'm less considerate under alternate circumstances. I just find that higher property values sometimes equal a greater expectation of control over the environment by business and property owners.

There's courtesy, there's right and wrong and there's the law.

I parked our satellite truck on the street in an open space and I managed to avoid parking next to any of the many restaurants in the area. The other photographer and our reporter arrived and parked their microwave truck in front of Big Blue in a green loading zone. This was about 10:00am for a 11:00am liveshot.

The building next to where we parked houses a dry-cleaner business. We had one liveshot to do at 11:00am and we completed it without incident.

As we were breaking down the gear, someone from the cleaners came out and told us to move the microwave truck. Move the truck? Most of us had been up since 2:00am, so give me a break. We're rolling up cable, dropping the mast and packing away gear. Did this guy wait until we were leaving?

Also, I could be wrong (so feel free to correct me if the law is different in other places). In most areas, as far as I'm aware, it's legal for news media to park in green loading zones.

We continued to pack away our gear and nobody responded to the guy. He came back out after a while and said something else, but I was too far away to hear what it was exactly.

I'm glad we avoided letting the situation escalate, but it took a lot to just walk away. There's plenty that could have been said and maybe we should have pressed the issue. It just seemed pointless to even have the conversation.

Maybe next time a news crew parks in front of his business, the guy will come out sooner and discover nobody was actually doing what he told us to do. We were only doing what made sense.


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