Friday, January 26, 2007

There, there.

Wow, it's late and I need to get some sleep. I'm up from too much coffee this week. I'm going to pay for it with a massive caffeine withdrawal headache that's gonna hit in two or three days. Sure, I could stall it a bit, but I know me. My routine is a week of regular coffee drinking, then I'll just skip a few days without thinking about it. Then the headache will hit me and I'll be miserable for about a day and a half.

It's okay. I really like coffee and I've been through this before.

My first day back wasn't too eventful. I thanked a lot of people for their support and condolences during my week and a half away from the office. As far as actual work goes, I spent the better part of the morning meeting with the Chief and the rest of the training crew.

We did Taco Bell for lunch (hey, it's comfort food). The second half of the day I was back on GVG training. That's actually going well.

We may just have enough folks up to speed to keep our newscasts on the air by the time we switch over.

There was a bit of good news for me. I got tagged to cover the Academy Awards next month.

I just hope they haven't gone overboard with still camera restrictions. During the last Emmy Awards their security was actually confiscating cameras. Folks got them back at the end of the night, but it was still a bummer.

Not much excitement today. I could have stayed off work until Friday, but it seemed like the right time to go back.

Speaking now from experience, I can understand how sympathy and condolences can be difficult for some people to handle. I don't think I'm like that, but it's probably not for me to say. I just want to let anyone know who reads my blog, it's okay. You can ask me how I'm doing and it's okay to express your sympathy for what I'm going through. I'm sure it's easy to tell, I'm not over the sadness. That'll take time. For now, I'm just slowly going to try to get back to where things feel normal.

Without a doubt I'll always miss my brother, but I'm lucky. There were no grudges left hanging and there wasn't anything left unsaid. The sadness I feel is from the loss of someone close and not from feelings of guilt or regret.

Oh man, I just looked at the time. It's late. I need to be up early to work a dayside shift in the morning. I wish I could leave you with a nugget of wisdom, but I can't wait for one to hit me.



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