Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How much for just the garter?

Okay, so I don't have nearly enough time to do this post any justice, but I have a few dangerous men giving me menancing looks around the office for not updating as often as I should. So here's what I can say in the five minutes before I have to rush out the door and fight traffic to get to Hollywood and start my day in the purgatory that's been my life while we train people and troubleshoot the new XDCam gear.

Happy Valentine's Day by the way.

I was shopping for my lovely wife Dellis yesterday and decided to look into Agent Provacateur. That's an expensive lingerie company. They've got a shop on Melrose Avenue and I admit that I have been, um, let's say "intrigued" by the store for a while now. Wait, should I even be talking about this in a public forum? Heck, well sure. I mean, why not?

Okay, I'm on the way home from work, so I'm in the newsvan and I park right in front of the store and. . .

. . .Darn. I've got to go to work. I'll get to the point. The first thing I saw that caught my eye cost $300.00 and I went a little faint. Not because it cost $300.00, but because it really really really didn't look like it should cost that much.

As I left, they gave me a couple of their catalogs. I'm keeping them and I'm gonna show the guys when I get to work.

XOXOXOXO to everybody.


Widescreen said...

Are the catalogs to show the wife or to put up on the walls of the crew room?

beFrank said...

widescreen - Both, but I imagine the crew will find them more interesting.