Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Preps

Today is the day of the big show, but Friday morning at about 2:00am we were loading in the trucks and running the cables. It was a pretty easy load in. Everything checked out fine.


We had to replace one cable reel that had been strung out for the camera position.

The day before we checked six of the seven cable reels. The one we didn't test was out with an SNG unit on a story. Yup. The one we didn't check had loose fittings.

The rule is you should always check your portable cable reels before taking them out into the field.

Sage advice, but I'm thinking that probably doesn't apply to most of you.

How about, don't do drugs and stay in school? Better?

On the bright side, it didn't rain on us and we weren't too cold. A lot more happened, but you know the story of my life lately. I'm out of time and I still have to shave and pack up my tuxedo.

If all goes well, we'll talk later.


darleene said...

Hey beFrank, did you hear about the party? I've been told that your presence is requested too.....isn't that nice?

beFrank said...

Party? Hunhwhat? Sorry, I just woke up after my post-Oscar hibernation.

That sounds cool. I'll look into it.

Kenneth said...

Thanks for the heads up on the web address. Thanks for checking out the blog. I can't wait to see your photos from the red carpet.


beFrank said...

kenneth - Heh-heh, funny thing about those photos.