Friday, March 09, 2007

I've shot Nazis.

With my camera, but still.

It's Friday and I am so happy to be sitting in front of my computer at home right, it's not even funny. Wow, I just completed a two hour care-free surf of the internet. I could have started in on my long list of weekend chores, but I needed a quiet bit of mindless unproductive web surfing. It helps to untangle the jumbled mess in my head caused by another week of shark wrestling.

Wait, I mean XDCam/GVG Aurora/Complete TV station moving work. Sorry about the mix up. I was daydreaming about shark wrestling. See, I used to lead a happy-go-lucky life of adventure. The part I'm playing in the current day to day operation of our station is. . .


. . .a lot less interesting.

I'm so desperate to get back out to the field that I snuck out once this week to help a crew working out at LAX.

Here's a mildly interesting tidbit. We used to park anywhere we wanted to park out at the airport. You remember the recording that used to play out by the curbside in front of the terminal?

"The white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading. . ."

You remember that? We used to ignore the heck out that message. We could park in front of the terminal for hours and leave the van unattended.

That all changed after 9/11. Now we have to keep one person at the van at all times and only park the vehicles in certain areas (can't tell you where, it's a matter of. . .uh, national security).

It still felt great to be out there doing liveshots on the story involving the two woman poisoned in Russia. It started out as a simple liveshot, but we complicated it by running cable from the upper level roadway down to the lower level, across a few pedestrian walkways, around some plants. . .

. . .and into the arrival area inside the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It was probably a hundred yards of cable.

I ran camera. A 3 or 4 year old cute little Vietnamese kid kept sticking his tongue out at me. I knew he was Vietnamese because his father told me. The kid and his father were waiting to pick up someone and the father kept wandering off.

An airport cop was about to make a fuss about the kid being all alone. I was surprised to look around and not see the dad anywhere. For a minute I was trying to explain that the dad was around somewhere.

The dad runs up and the cop gave him a stern warning. I rolled my eyes. We did our liveshot, wrapped up a lot of cable and I went straight home from the airport.

A while back, I might not have written about this. It was just a routine day. Kind of sad that it's now the high point of my week.

As I explained to a friend earlier today, you remember in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when Indiana Jones was teaching his class and he had the tie on and glasses and looked like a geek? That's me right now. Adventure used to have a name and it used to "beFrank"

(sigh) I miss my fedora and my whip.

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darleene said...

hahah. Welcome to my life.