Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just ready and able! (okay, willing)

I'm a photojournalist and I'm going to say it one more time, I love what I do. Not right at the moment so much, but you know, like in general.

I want to try and make clear that I don't hate what I'm doing. Helping with the training seems to be something that I have a good personality for and I'm willing to do it. Just understand, it's just difficult to go from being on the front line of news coverage to what I'm doing for now.

Okay, daily gripe session over.

Here's what was cool about yesterday.

I was out with a trainee shadowing Reporter Mark Coogan and Photographer Carl Stein on a story about a fatal shooting in South Los Angeles. We were at the Music Center interviewing Councilwoman Jan Perry and somebody else (that's "somebody else" being interviewed in the picture). Sorry, but I wasn't paying attention to the story. I was in training mode. That's why Mark Cooogan is holding two mics. We're shooting the interview with two sets of gear; one set of DVCPro gear for broadcast and the XDCAm gear for training.

We had just wrapped up when the wind and rain hit.

Did anybody else get caught in it? Holy crap, that was some freaky weather. One minute the sun was out, but pretty quickly the sky went dark and overcast.

We'd just gotten back into the van when the wind really started gusting. The water from the fountains at the DWP building was being blown all the way across the street and hitting people as they ran for cover.

I wasn't happy to be out in the weather, but I liked seeing it for myself. That's really a big part of why I enjoy shooting for the news. I could go into the whole "working for the truth" spiel, but that's just part of it.

I get to see stuff.

Maybe I could say it in a more eloquent manner, but often there's no eloquence in the "stuff" I get to see. It's not all death and destruction, but you have to be willing to wade through the car chases and tragedy for the opportunity to have a front row seat to events that become part of history.

Well, it's just about time for me to leave for work. Heh, heh, I started this post last night, but fell asleep. It's another training day. The sun is up and the world looks full of potential. I have no idea where I'll be in a few hours, but I'm sure looking forward to it.

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darleene said...

dude, that second picture is awesome. If you look at it too long, you get dizzy. Talk about movement!