Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Right place at the right time?

It wasn't a publicity stunt. That's what Tim Kimball told me in the parking lot yesterday about the Enzo Ferrari crashed by Eddie Griffen.

I was wrapping up my day and bumped into him as he was starting his shift. Wow, I didn't know we had the only video of the crash. That was one of the most watched pieces of video on the planet this week.

What? You haven't seen it?

Here's a link to the video on the CBS2/KCAL9 web site.

Go watch it and come back. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Photo by Tim Kimball

Hey, check it out. The still shot was sent to me from Tim. He took it with his cell phone camera.

Heh-heh, I got an exclusive. Imagine a little animated cartoon Ferrari graphic shooting across the lower third of the picture and an audio stinger that goes "HATAI!" Like the character Hiro from the NBC show "Heroes".

Hmm, I really should consider doing video on this blog.


That's Tim Kimball there. Super nice guy and a heck of a good photographer. Anyway, Tim had gotten to the location early and he was lucky enough to be the only photographer who got the whole thing on tape (tape? we really gotta get those new cameras out the door). He was pretty modest about it, but I think it speaks pretty highly of his work ethic that he had his camera out of the cradle and was shooting before the event had even started.

Yay, Tim!

He told me there was one other person at the event at the time with a video camera. The other guy wasn't a news photographer (he was maybe the track's videographer) and that guy might have stopped rolling, but for whatever reason the other guy didn't get footage of the actual crash.

There seems to be some suspicion that it might have been a publicity stunt. Some people will probably want to believe that no matter what, but Tim told me he believed it to be a genuine accident. He's making that call based on everyone's reaction. Crash the Ferrari? Apparently nobody saw that coming.

I'm glad nobody was hurt. I can't speak for the owner of the Enzo, but if it was my car I know what my reaction might be at seeing my million dollar car go crunch.

Woo, I just had a terrible thought. I imagined it was my newsvan. I'm going to go sit down for a while.


Jack's Shack said...

If that was my car I would have....... I don't know what I would have done. Ouch. aka The Urban Reporter said...

That was hella funny... only because no one was hurt. Tell you photog congrats for getting the exclusive footage. That was classic.

beFrank said...

jack's shack - I don't know, collect the insurance money? Do a little happy dance for the free publicity for your movie which will allow you to buy another Ferrari if the movie is successful? - I know a guy who knows Eddie Griffen. I'm going to try and get some info on the aftermath of the situation.

darleene said...

You have no idea how big that video just one week, that story and video became the fourth biggest draw on our site.