Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vegetarian Warning: This post contains meat.

I'll get to that, just let me vent first.

The bad? I've got an electrical problem in my house that keeps tripping a breaker. I replaced the breaker last weekend, but that didn't fix the problem. I started replacing the outlets and wall switches and I thought I had been lucky enough to find the bad one. The power stayed on for about five hours before the breaker tripped again. You may have heard me cussing.

The circuit controls the lights and outlets in our bedroom. I'm all for living a romantic life filled with candlelight, but I'm working dayside shifts and I need the alarm clock.

The good?

Joe Ruiz had some folks over for barbecue.

If I'm lucky, he might bring some leftovers into the station tomorrow. As I type, I'm using the power of my mind to send Joe a telepathic message.

"Joe, hook up Bryan with some leftovers"

Yeah, I know I'm kidding myself, but I'm going to have to face throwing some money at my electrical problem. Thinking about the food is helping to keep my mind off things.

This week I'll be out in the field. We're cranking up the training by putting the trainees out in Unit #19 to cover actual news. Another crew will be shadowing us with a set of the DVCPro gear. I'm hoping to yank off the training wheels, ditch the shadow crew and work a story without the safety net.

If the barbecue is long gone, maybe I can at least get another cookie.

Happy Monday. All things considered, I'm looking forward to it.

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