Friday, April 06, 2007

Romantic Interlude

There's a small voice in my head that belongs to my mother. It's telling me not to broadcast when we're going to be away and there won't be anyone at home. Bad things will happen. Burglars will break into our house and steal all our stuff if we tell people when we're going to be out of town.

I can just picture her sensing a strong disturbance in "the force" as I let the whole blogging world know Dellis and I are off to San Francisco for a little get away weekend.

Sorry, ma.

If we get home and the house has been ransacked, I know I'll have nobody to blame but myself.

We're taking a vacation. Just a get away weekend.

There's not much I want to think about over the next few days. My plan is simple. We fly to Oakland, get picked up at the airport by our daughter (thanks again, Dania), check into the hotel and spend the next few days acting like a couple of people who haven't been married for almost twenty years.

Sometimes that's pretty easy for us. We laugh with each other and for the most part enjoy where we are in life (yeah, I still buy lottery tickets). We're not Mega-Millions lucky (so far) and spending a long weekend away from home is a "considered" adventure.

Powell Street near Union Square

Even if we're not so comfortable that we don't have to budget and save to get away from it all, we don't have to worry during every meal how much the dessert costs.

On the other hand, those nearby shopping opportunities and the way Dellis' hand is twitching near her purse is making me a teensy bit nervous.

Dellis is sleeping right now and I'm sitting in a chair near a window. We're on the third floor of the Union Station Hotel and I can hear the early morning sounds of San Francisco. Lots of trucks and the occasional low rumble and bell of the streetcars. We're not staying at a resort. If you're bothered by the sights, sounds and smells (eew) of downtown, then this wouldn't be the place for you.

I'm digging it.

I'm looking forward to exploring the area and snapping a few pictures. I'm going to tell Dellis how beautiful she is and make her feel all "floaty" from my attention. I feel like we're both blessed to have each other and any life ambitions will keep until Monday. There's lots of nothing of consequence and simple pleasures to be had over the next few days. I'll be happy to share some of the less intimate moments.

If you're a burglar, just promise me you won't break into our house while we're gone.


turdpolisher said...

It's great to see an old married couple acting like kids. You guys are pretty darn lucky to have that.

Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am.

darleene said...

Awhhh! You're so blessed. I've been dying to go to San Francisco for a weekend. I can't wait to get passed this whole young-married-couple-still-budgeting stage.

beFrank said...

turdpolisher - Old?

darleen - passed???

beFrank said...

darleene - Sorry. My keyboard is being stingy with the letter "e" this morning.