Friday, April 20, 2007

Codename: Snowman!

News Photographers generally expect the unexpected, but I'm going to have to be honest. . .

. . .I didn't see this coming.

I knew there was a likely chance of rain today, but being so involved with the big move, I didn't consider it a possibility that I might get sent out into the field.

Oh, no! Not the snow!

The rains and cold weather was expected to blanket Fraiser Park with a layer of snow. I've seen how bad it can get and understood why I was being sent out with a SAT truck. I understand why the truck had to go. I'm still figuring out why I had to go.

Well, nothing for me to do, but cowboy up and do the job. Any work waiting for me back at the station will just have to wait or be reassigned. I've got SAT shots to uplink.

It's funny how just last night I had made peace with not going out during our first full week at the new station. I was cool with it. I understand where I'm needed.

Today, I''m needed in a satellite truck in Gorman in the snow. I'm lucky enough to have at least brought a heavy coat. My only complaint is that my legs are cold. One pair of jeans in snow weather just doesn't do it for me.

Not a complaint. Just an observation. No matter how bad my situation might feel right now (and it's not all that bad), I know there are other people in the world suffering more than me.

Happy Friday. I may try to attend the closing of the newsroom tonight. If I do, I'll keep you posted.


newshutr said...

Global warming, huh? was 72 degrees in Cleveland today...and you got snow in California...IN SPRING?

Someone needs to slap Al Gore upside his head...

beFrank said...

newshutr - Late season snow in high elevation areas out here isn't unusual. The rain and snow affects a high traffic corridor between central and southern California, so it's always an area that gets coverage if weather might cause road problems.

If it snowed here in the city, then I'd be worried.