Monday, April 16, 2007

One foot in front of the other

That's how I'm getting through the day today. Slowly. One step at a time and just putting one foot in front of the other.

You probably wouldn't have any way of knowing this, but Katie Boyd passed away last week. She's the mother of Keith Boyd. Chances are you never heard of Keith. He's not famous, but he's been one of my closest friends since the eigth grade. If my real life had mirrored a sitcom during my teenage years, then Mrs. Boyd would have been June Cleaver and I'd have been Eddie Haskell to Keith's Wally Cleaver.

Actually Keith would have been "the Beaver", but I'd really rather not be Lumpy.

Dellis and I are geting ready to attend Mrs. Boyd's funeral this morning. I've got a lot on my mind and I'll be taking the rest of the day after the funeral to just deal with things.

After I heard about Mrs. Boyd's passing, I called up some of our other friends to let them know about Keith's loss. Some I talked to some directly and for some I could only leave messages. One of our friends, Ray Culberson (he's another close friend to Keith and myself) called me back on Saturday morning. He was on the way to his mother's funeral. She'd passed away earlier in the week.

I understand how death is a part of living. I think I'm on the same page with God's plan and the spiritual aspect of personal beliefs and all that. Yeah, I got it. I think. At least I have a decent handle on it all and I'm not going to fall apart or anything.

I'm saddened by the loss both my friends suffered this week. As you might imagine, it brings back some of the pain from my own loss of my brother earlier this year. I'll be okay, but it's just a very. . .very. . .difficult. . .day.

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I put a song on my blog that you might like. I dunno if you like rap, but it's still good lyrics.