Friday, April 13, 2007

Windy Day

All I'm saying is that it got me out of the office. Totally unexpected, but I got a call to take out an SNG unit to Beverly Hills to cover the house fires that had started because of the high winds.

There's more to say about the day, but I gotta hit the road to get to work on time. you wouldn't want me to be late. I might miss something.

Happy Firday.

"Firday"? What's that, an esoteric foilage holiday? I really need to make more time to blog. As it is, I'm working six days a week for the next two weeks. After "the big move" all bets are off.

Happy Satruday!

1 comment:

AMO said...

It was great meeting you briefly yesterday! As soon as Dave and I are settled I'm going to make good on that bbq. :)