Thursday, May 17, 2007

ACMA Slideshow

Lots to do and very little time. Here's a slideshow from some of my ACMA pics.

See if you can spot the woman that was on the Orange Carpet with Carrot Top (yes, Carrot Top!)

I'll try to catch up later today. (but remember, you can always see most of the shots I took on Flickr)


Surfsister said...

Carrot Top? John Legend? What were they doing there? And what is wrong with Carrot Top anyway? Is he on steroids AND botox?

beFrank said...

surfsister - It just freaks me out that I'd probably have a hard time keeping him from kicking my ass. I mean, if he heard me talking about his freakish looks, he might want to fight me. I don't know which would be worse; getting a beat down from Carrot Top or running from Carrot Top. :)