Thursday, May 31, 2007

Street Cred

It's a nice easy Saturday night. Dellis and I are home alone (the youngest is out with her friends). I spent most of the day in the yard. few weeks ago, it seemed like an impossible task to get the yard back in the shape it was in two years ago.

Oh, it's still not there, but at least it's closer to being presentable than it has been recently.

Here it is, the weekend and I don't think I mentioned that I was back in action on the training detail this week. Yeah, pretty slow and uneventful as far as news goes, but on Thursday we took the Aurora van out for some real world experience.

Being in training mode again wasn't all that much of a thrill, but the assignment was cool. Beverly Hills art gallery that specializes in celebrity photos. This in the same week that I was getting positive buzz around the newsroom for the portrait shots in my last post (thanks again, Paul).

The guy in the picture is Douglas Kirkland. He's a pretty famous photographer, best known for shots he took of Marilyn Monroe. I got a big kick out of meeting him.

I've started the next sentence over about seven times. That's prbably my cue to get some sleep.
I'll be back to wrap it up in the morning.

. . .ONE DAY LATER. . .

I'm back. It's a bit later than I intended, but I'm juggling a lot around the house this weekend. Somebody asked me recently where I find the time to blog. There's no time to be found. I just try to jump on the computer when I get the chance. Sometimes I have something interesting to write about and sometimes I'm just trying to make it through to the last sentence.

Not like in this post.

The gallery show/photo exhibit was an interesting assignment and a nice little coincidence. Before the long intermission, I had mentioned the newsroom buzzing about the pictures from my last post. Photography has just been a big part of my week.

Tomorrow is Monday. The start of another week.

I'm looking forward to it because the gallery assignment was a needed reminder of why I love my job. It's just the greatest thing to me. I got to see a great photography exhibit and I got to meet a famous photographer. That kind of thing doesn't happen for everybody, but in my job that kind of thing happens for me pretty often.

Hey, look. Here's that last sentence I was talking about.


BellaKarma said...

Fantastic! I've been waiting to see if you covered this story. I have so much respect for Marilyn Monroe, and have been collecting her memorabilia for 20 years. It's wonderful to hear that you had the opportunity to chat with Kirkland.

The photographs of Lisa and Christina were amazing. And I must say: Christina looks more beautiful in the photo than the celebrities she reports on!

beFrank said...

bellakarma - Thanks. I'll pass along the sweet comment to Lisa.