Monday, June 11, 2007

After the Playmates

Did you think I'd missed out on all the fun of the Paris Hilton media circus? No, that wasn't the case at all. I just didn't have enough time to really blog about the experience.

So, you know that last Thursday I was hanging out on the red carpet for the AFI whatchamacallit Al Pacino shindig. I should have mentioned that early on, the media wranglers weren't going to let me make my way through the press area to where the main crew was already situated (about thirty feet away). Hey, but I could see them and I wave at them.

The media wranglers I guess have to be careful who gets let in or I suppose media types will just start showing up to hang out. I can't say I'd go out of my way for it, but yeah, that was pretty much all I wanted to do.

Keep in mind also that I was Aurora trainiing that night. My trainee and I were on assignment and out there to help cover the event for our station.

The security told me I had to check in at the media table and get my official "OK". See that sharpie mark on the back of my hand? Yup, that made me "official". It was too funny at the time to feel indignant, but I made a mental note to stop letting people write on me with a sharpie.

I didn't just shoot the Playmates because I have any particular obsession with Playmates. Nope, my trainee and I got pulled from the AFI Pacino thing to cover the Paris Hilton story.

It's been a while since I've seen this type of media coverage. I think I called it a circus earlier. My apologies to the "Ringling Brothers" of the world.

It's kind of weird to realize that I know where Paris Hilton lives and I can get to her house without looking at a map. Let me just say it, "Eww."

I've done this for a while now and even though I'm just doing my job and I know it won't mean much of anything (good or bad) for my career in news, it still just feels kind of scummy.

There's sometimes a blurry line between what we do and what the paparazzi do. It blurs even more when we're all congregated in the same place. I could just be kidding myself, but I believe there are still higher standards of journalistic integrity we meet.

The minimum of which is the truth.


The Paris Hilton story wasn't all that interesting to me on Thursday last week (or ever, ever, ever before that), but by Friday morning I kind of wanted to know how things would turn out.

The possible improper manipulation of the legal system is a great concern and more worthy of the air time in my opionion.

The truth remains that people in large numbers might hate the amount of attention given to Paris Hilton, but still people watch. Serving the public interests sometimes means covering what interests the public (even if that coverage includes celebrities and entertainment).

You might not like her or think she affects your life, but Paris Hilton is a product of the entertainment industry. That particular industry? Really huge part of our local economy.

Sad but true. I'm not happy about it, but I accept it and just go out and do my job. Don't let it frustrate you.


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Anonymous said...

Actually Paris is finally a real news story, after all this time. That is how the privileged skate by by what we have to pay in full for.

More cooking though. Thanks for the extra Security detail shots.
Be safe, look up.
Chris P