Friday, June 08, 2007

Why? Don't ask me why.

It's gotten to the point where I don't know what to call a "normal" day at work.


Yes, I was still coaching someone on the edit system, but we got assigned to help our red carpet crew at the AFI Al Pacino Lifetime Achievement Award dinner.

The event was taking place at the Kodak Theatre and the celebrity arrivals were happening out front on Hollywood Boulevard.

You've been with me on these things before. Celebrities make their way down a long line of reporters and photographers. There's a barrier in place so we don't accidentally crush the celebrities with the weight of our journalistic inquisition.

That's probably a good thing for Hugh Hefner. He's looking frisky for his age, but I'm thinking he wouldn't hold up well under the weight of even just one photographer.

Not that anyone would need a reason, but that's probably why he surrounds himself with beautiful women. Protection. His "Girls Next Door" body guards seem like they could easily handle a media frenzy.

What? You thought they were just eye candy? Not many people understand that these girls are all highly skilled martial artists who specialize in personal security.

I could be making all this up, but isn't it a little reasonable to believe that Hugh Hefner has fanatical enemies. Is it that much of a stretch to think there are individuals who might want to do him harm.

Come on. Of course these girls are his body guards.

Just imagine, the slightest hint of danger and they form an impenetrable womb around him. A silicone shield if you will to keep him safe.

Yup, that's something to think about.

By the way, if you think this post was just a shoddy attempt to justify a handful of pictures of Playboy Playmates, well I am insulted by your accusation. I am now going to work on my yard. Good day.

Hey, you know who else showed up? Yeah, that guy. What's his name again?


BellaKarma said...

Speaking of eye candy...thank you for the photo of Mr. Pacino! Good day, indeed!

beFrank said...

bellakarma - Who? Oh, yeah. Heh-heh, he was there, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

WoW! This beats missing out another cooking recipe.

Can we have more shots of the security detail? Maybe detail shots so we can see weaponry? I would like to form a team like that, so I need all the info you have...

Rodrigo said...

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