Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Call me Uncle Mike

Anybody remember the show "Wiseguy" from Stephen J. Cannell? Jim Byrnes played a character nicknamed "Lifeguard" on the show. I was a big fan and thought it was cool when Ken Wahl's character "Vinnie Terranova" called in to get help (or messages) from Lifeguard.

Lifeguard lived and worked in a room filled with electronic equipment. His job was to keep tabs on and support undercover federal agents. He was always just a phone call away if an agent out in the field needed help.

I kept thinking about that on Monday night as I talked one of our SAT truck operators through setting up and operating one of our newer trucks.

I'm pretty mellow and slightly unimpressed when it comes to the things I do.

No thanks necessary. Just doing my job, ma'am.

If it wasn't me, someone else probably would have helped the crew get on TV on Monday. We've got a small handful of people who could have stepped up and gotten the job done.

Still, I felt good about it. It could have been someone else, but it was me.

I have to admit that I was a little impressed. It does take some ability to walk someone through operating a satellite truck. At the end of the call I felt like I needed to put ice on my head. My brain was fried, but that's okay. It hasn't been so long that I don't remember when I had to make that call. I certainly appreciated when people helped me and it's good to be in a position to pass along the favor.

Just remember, no running and be careful around the deep end.


dkgoodman said...

Ever watch Highlander? There was this bartender named Joe Dawson, see, and he was actually a Watcher who kept tabs on the immortals but wasn't supposed to interfere. I think you're more like him than Uncle Mike. Now, who was it played Dawson? ;)

Will Campbell said...

Sharon Tay's back in town? When did this happen and why wasn't I paying attention!

beFrank said...

dkgoodman - Hey, whaddaya know? Same guy. Did he have a cool high tech place to do his watching?

will campbell - She's been with us for a couple of months. Haven't you been watching?